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A Day at the Beach

Posted by Leanne on January 19, 2011

Day three was already upon us and it was time to start making some decisions. On a two week trip, there isn’t much time for faffing about if you want to get out of Havana, away from the jinter@s who spent their days negotiating and conning money out of naive tourists. After much deliberation and consulting of maps and timetables over another dry tasteless breakfast inside the crumbling walls of our hotel (Jon bravely tried the ‘brown’ juice, and we’re still none the wiser as to what flavour it was meant to be…), we came to a decision. This is no easy task when there is no Internet to help you out, in a country where foreigners are most certainly not encouraged to go off the beaten track, or even to venture away from the cocoon of all inclusive state run hotels.

So it was decided that Paul and I would escape Havana the next day and make the 6 hour bus journey to Trinidad, while Jon and Robin opted to keep Yvonne company on the nearby beaches and join us a day later.

That done, we got the bus to the beach. After a 30 minute journey, it dropped us off along a road which was lined with all inclusive hotels, behind which we found the pure white sands and pure turquoise sea of the Caribbean. Under the warmth of a glowing sun, light danced like sparkling diamonds on the crests of the gentle waves. We selected a quiet spot, a short walk away from the beach-side bars where you could buy rum filled coconuts to sip on as you watched a local band tap out rhythms against the backdrop of clich├ęd Caribbean paradise.

Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Dream

We passed a relaxing day lying out in the sun, occasionally dipping into the cooling ocean for a splash around until it was time to wrestle a place on the overcrowded bus back to Havana.

Old orange people can holiday too

Old orange people can holiday too

That evening, hopes of a night on the dancefloor were soon quashed after dinner and a beer, as Jon’s jetlag prevailed and we headed back to Hotel Lincoln for another early night.


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