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South America

Age is something that doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother other people – I’ve never felt the need to be embarrassed about how old (or young) I am and never refuse to tell anyone if they ask.  I just don’t get the mentality that makes you want to keep it a secret.  It’s not like you have any control over the passage of time – everyone has been younger at some point in their life, and if they’re lucky, most people will get older, given time.

Still, age milestones are ingrained in our culture and  they do make you sit back and take stock.

When I was 18, there wasn’t really much to think about.  I knew I was spending a year on a voluntary project and then off to University – 4 years of my life already mapped out in front of me.

When I was 21, I was still at University, and I knew that the next stage was to get a job.  I didn’t know what job, just that, at some point in the near future I would be sat in an office somewhere, being paid for my time.

And then, in the blink of an eye, my 30th Birthday was approaching and the time had come around again to take stock.  What would I be doing in the near future?  What was mapped out for me?  As it was, the future looked bleak – 40 more years of turning up to stare at a screen in an office, fending off boredom and daydreaming about better things.  But I knew that it didn’t have to be that way.  By now I knew that opportunities don’t just fall at your feet – they are things that you create for yourself.  If I wanted some hope of escaping the dull drudgery of day to day existence, then all I needed to do was change it.  So I took a risk, quit my job and started planning a 10 week trip to Peru to… well, I’m not sure what for yet.  There will be some tourism, some language learning and who knows what else?  The world is my lobster.

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The Adventure

Spanish Lessons in Arequipa




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