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When I first started travelling, I didn’t see the point of going very far when Europe offers so much diversity on my doorstep.  After InterRailing for a few weeks and meeting travellers of all different nationalities, I quickly changed my mind about that, but continue to use mainland Europe’s close proximity to the UK as an excuse for the odd short break to foreign lands!

European InterRail Trip

During the three weeks I spent ‘on the continent’ I visited the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.

Short Breaks in Europe

This ever-growing list of destinations started with Dublin, Ireland (to celebrate St George’s Day, of course!) and has taken me to various places in Western Europe.  That leaves Eastern Europe still to be explored!


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  2. Philip Freeke said

    Hi there,

    I’m a Dutch student, from Rotterdam, and I’m currently working on a school assignment,
    I have to enrich the InterRail experience, with modern media like an iphone application or a website. And I’m currently working on a audience research, and I was hoping that I could ask you some questions about your experience with InterRail… if thats alright.

    I hope to hear from you soon,


    Philip Freeke

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