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The Final Leg

Posted by Leanne on November 12, 2005

So far, when I’ve been writing about my trip to KiwiLand, I’ve been using what I wrote while I was there, crossing out all the rubbish bits and putting in a few extra bits. What follows is exactly what I wrote about the last 4 days of the trip: 

8th November 2005

Wellington- bacon flavoured vodka.*

[*Just to explain the bacon vodka- we went to a bar in Wellington which had quite a large vodka menu, one of which was bacon flavoured vodka. It sounded horrible, but I was curiously drawn to it. The barman came over and asked me what I would like.
“Can I get two Tuis(Tui is New Zealand Lager) please and erm, I’ll try a bacon vodka.”

I looked away as I got my money out and when I turned back to the bar, I found that he had poured three shots of vodka: two chillis and a bacon.

“Erm, I asked for two Tuis, not chillis.” I explained.

“Ah sorry mate- you can have the chilli vodkas on the house.”

But I don’t want them, I thought.

I took them. We drank them. They were all disgusting.]

9th November 2005
Taupo- sunset and wine by the lake- classy. 


10th November 2005
Taupo- Auckland- Waiheke- bus was really really hot- even Smooch’s Maori mechanics couldn’t fix the air conditioning. Arrived in Waiheke late, not much to do at night. 


11th November 2005
Waiheke- Auckland- went to beach in Waiheke, drank sars.


12th November 2005
Spent a really long time wishing I was asleep in Hong Kong airport.




Stay tuned for more travels…


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Hong Kong

Posted by Leanne on October 15, 2005

In October 2005 I embarked on the long journey from England to New Zealand. It didn’t last quite as long as the Hobbits took to get there from Hobbiton, but it was my first long haul flight so it felt quite long. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered stopping along the way, but Steve had a flight to Hong Kong that he needed to use up, and so I agreed to meet him there on my way.

I knew nothing about the place, and I had never had any desire to go there. It just turned out that it was easier to visit Steve half way across the world than it was to visit him at home in London.

Now I’ve been there, and spent two full days there, I know the following things:

  • It’s tall
  • It’s hot
  • It’s bright
  • It’s humid
  • But it’s cold inside
  • There’s a lot of traffic
  • There’s a bar somewhere that makes delicious pink minty cocktails
  • There’s a drink called ‘Sweat’
  • My camera wasn’t very good back then

In all honesty, I didn’t really explore Hong Kong as a traveller: I was just there to spend time with friends.

My photo blog of my time there would look something like this:

13 October 2005
A snapshot from the future?



14 October 2005
In spite of signs to suggest otherwise, you can’t walk through walls in Hong Kong.


15 October 2005
Hong Kong is infested with buildings


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