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Goodbye Norway

Posted by Leanne on June 2, 2008

We spent a lazy morning waiting to go home,  but at the same time,  basking in the warmth of the early summer sun and making the most of the short respite from work.

I knew it would be a while before I would brave the Ryaniar airways again for another trip to breath the crisp Scandinavian air and walk on the well maintained pavements amongst the pastel coloured buildings, and probably, to look at a museum with a big boat in it.  So in doing nothing, I made the most of that last half day.

Norway from the Air

Norway from the Air


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Sculptures and Goodbyes

Posted by Leanne on June 1, 2008

The day began by saying our goodbyes to Simon and Julie who were on the early flight back to Edinburgh.

That left just 4 of us to wander to the Munch Museum where we discovered just how many versions of each painting Edvard Munch actually painted (millions). I also had a go at the children’s table where I drew my own version of the famous Scream, and Steve slept through a film about the artist’s life.

In spite of being near a few museums, Steve and Leigh proclaimed that they were all ‘Museumed out’ and so we took a walk through the wide clean streets of Oslo, and a tram up to the palace gardens to lounge around in the sun until it was time to say goodbye to them both.

The Palace, Oslo

The Palace, Oslo

And then there were two.

Since we were there until the next day, I identified the Sculpture Park on the map and we headed, on foot in that direction with yet more ice cream to help us on our way.  The baking sun burned into our skin and we started to feel the fatigue from 2 days of solid hardcore tourism, but it was more than worth it to finally arrive at the magnificent and crowded park which, as it’s name suggests was absolutely full of weird and wonderful sculptures:

Oslo Sculpture Park

Oslo Sculpture Park

Because it was our last evening, we broke the bank with another dockside meal for two, then found a bench to sit and read (or in my case sleep) on while the sun set (at around 11:30pm)

Sunset in Oslo

Sunset in Oslo

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Right Proper Tourists

Posted by Leanne on May 31, 2008

Like right proper tourists we spent the day making the most of the ‘freebies’ which come with the purchase of an Oslo Pass.

The first stop was the free lunchtime cruise on the Oslo Fjord – attractive because of the free lunch in a city where food costs the earth.  Unfortunately the free prawn buffet included ‘prawns au naturelle’ and not much more which, as I found out means that you have to take their brains out yourself.  As a meat eating hypocrite, it make me feel a bit sick.  I prefer it when they take the brains out for you…

We hopped off the boat before the end of the cruise to go and see Fram, eat an icecream and walk to the Norsk Folkemuseum where we wandered around the traditional Norwegian Houses and streets, baking under the midday sun and watched some small Norwegian children do a dance before going off to make use of the play area.



A quick whizz around the nearby Norwegian Maritime Museum tired our little tourist legs and brains out, so we ate more ice cream to give us the energy for the return journey to the hostel.
Viking Ship

Viking Ship, Norwegian Maritime Museum, Oslo

To round off the day, we went out for a pricey meal and beer, the dockside setting making up for the high prices (and probably contributing to them more than just a little bit!)
We finished the evening off by sipping vodka out of teacups on the Opera House roof in the late night Norwegian Twilight.
Opera House, Oslo

Opera House, Oslo


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Posted by Leanne on May 30, 2008

Simon and Steve are my very best friends from University and I have lived with them both (though unfortunately not at the same time).  Shortly after we graduated, they both moved almost exactly 200 miles away from me in opposite directions, to London and Edinburgh respectively. 

We try to get together at least a few times a year, and more recently, we’ve been taking field trips abroad.  This year, after bouncing emails back and forth for several months, Simon phoned me (and I presume Steve as well) to announce that we, and our respective partners were all going to Norway.  Oslo to be precise.

Travelling from several different airports meant that we couldn’t quite coordinate arrivals, so while Paul and I lugged our weekend packs through the late afternoon heat of Oslo, Simon, Steve, Julie and Leigh sat sipping coffee in the hostel basement cafe after a hard day’s sightseeing.

On arrival we chatted, caught up, met Leigh for the first time and ordered pizza where I learnt my first bit of Norwegian:

  • ekstra ekstra ekstra biff – extra extra extra beef
  • mega sterk – very hot

 I’m sure that will come in extremely handy on future trips to Norway.

Having done our research before the trip, we were aware of the scandalous Scandinavian alcohol prices, and we all had the foresight to bring our own bottle, meaning that we spent the night on card games and home-made cocktails.

By closing time, everyone went off to bed while Paul and I, who had not had the chance to see a great deal of Oslo from the short walk from the bus to hostel set about exploring.  We didn’t have to go far to discover the harbour and opera house where we revelled in the midnight twilight and took a few snaps:

Harbour at Twilight, Oslo

Harbour at Twilight, Oslo

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