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Posted by Leanne on January 22, 2011

Today I learnt the Spanish words for “tonsils”, “very swollen” and “high temperature”.

After spending  a sleepless night lying on the cold floor trying to cool myself down, I gave in on any thoughts of walking with our friend from the hilltop or even on eating anything solid, since I was finding it difficult to swallow water.

While Paul went out with Jon and Robin, I stayed in bed.

When the most violent downpour I’ve ever seen started, I wanted to stand outside in it, because rain is cool (in both senses of the word) and I was still running a temperature, but found out that I was locked in. Paul had taken the keys to the gate out with him.  So I found a saucepan in the kitchen and put that under the indoor rain that started shortly after the outdoor rain and when I saw the rain building up on the terrace, put everything on top of the bed in case we were flooded.

Downpour from behind a locked gate


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