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In which we didn’t find John Lennon

Posted by Leanne on January 18, 2011

While Robin and Yvonne opted to move on to find somewhere they could sit on a beach for the next five days, us three newcomers took a stroll along the Malecón in search of a statue of Lennon, because we’d no doubt be sick of the sight of Lenin before we left the country, and so a statue of a bloke from Liverpool would help to break the monotony before it had even started.



After a few miles we crossed the road and entered the residential and ex-mafia area of Vedado where the streets were lined with scruffy trees and overgrown patches of grass which gave the city a whole different feel to the other areas we’d so far visited.

It was after an hour of walking up and down the numbered streets without a proper map, in the humid heat of the day that we gave up looking for Lennon with our inadequate map, and went to find somewhere to refresh our thirsty bodies instead.  Due to the magic of Paul’s GPS tracker, you can see where we went wrong…

A stroll around Havana

A stroll around Havana

It was at our refreshment stop that we learned to ask the price of things before we ordered them from the pretty friendly ladies in the cafe. In fairness to the pretty ladies, they knew what they were doing – making sure they identified which of the two men I was with was my boyfriend before homing in on the one who wasn’t my boyfriend with flirtation and flattery.  It was only when they offered to get us more drinks, and maybe a sandwich, and the boys were debating whether to stay for another or not that I pointed out that we hadn’t found out the price of our beers yet and would probably wise to get the bill and go somewhere less ‘friendly’ with a visible menu. While I was in the toilet, Paul and Jon sorted out the bill, and chased Barbie the waitress for their change, and then again for the bit that she tried to short change us before we made a hasty exit.

At Coppelia, we paid over the odds for a bit of ice-cream.  If we were willing to queue for 2 hours, we probably could have got it for local prices, but as it happened, we couldn’t be bothered, so allowed ourselves to be herded around to the tourist bit where its acceptable to jump the queue in  order to eat ice-cream from a place that was in a film once.

That evening, we considered taking in the matinee at the Casa de la Musica, but ended up going out for dinner at a paladar which put chili sauce on the table (much to our excitement) and served cheap food that was almost tasty.  And then we found an Austrian bar where you could order beer in 3 different colours, or, if you so desired, in a giant tube, whilst listening to the resident band tap out rhythms on their congas.


2 Responses to “In which we didn’t find John Lennon”

  1. Paul Kelly said

    You forgot about the bit in the restaurant where the waitress was too busy putting on her lipstick to give us a menu, despite us being the only people in there.

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