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An Adventure is Born

Posted by Leanne on April 15, 2010

Sitting in by bosses office, asking to take four weeks’ holiday in one go:

“It’s for my personal development you see – learning Spanish, doing voluntary work, a tiny bit of travelling, more voluntary work – a once in a lifetime opportunity…

I’m 30 this year – I need to make the most of my life”

But it falls on deaf ears.  Four weeks is too long – hell, 3 weeks is too long (but we might let you get away with that this year – but only because you’re 30, and only if we can specify which 3 weeks you can go away for).  And it doesn’t matter that John and Emily, Sue, Pete, Jason, Alice and Ameila from this department had 3 weeks off last year, they had special reasons. Or that Eric, James and Alison from different departments have 6 weeks off every year, they work in a different department, that’s nothing to do with us.

I decided then that it was time to quit.  Why stay in a job that I don’t care about and am way overqualified for if they can’t offer me anything more than boring security.  Why bother to fight for the holiday that I want when, deep down, I just want to get out of here?

A month later, they still haven’t come back to me about which 3 weeks I can take off this year but it doesn’t matter.  As soon as I’ve decided which South American country is going to teach me how to speak their lingo, I’ll book flights and resign.  There will still be a lot of holiday to use up.  I quite fancy the idea of 4 –day weeks running up to my departure.

A new adventure is born.


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