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Making Plans, USA Style

Posted by Leanne on March 26, 2009

For me, travel has always been more about booking a flight and a hostel for a few nights, then deciding what to do and where else to go when you get there than scheduling evey hour of your day before you go.

This year is a little bit different. For a start, I purchased a couple of  Flight of the Conchords tickets for their show in Radio City Music Hall, before I booked any flights, meaning that, should I happen to be in New York on 14th April 2009, the entertainment for the evening is already sorted.

About 2 weeks after getting those tickets, I (somewhat predictably) bought a flight to New York and then, because I didn’t fancy spending three whole weeks in the city, bought an onward flight to Salt Lake City with relatively little research apart from the fact that I knew it was in Utah, and that Utah has quite a bit of amazing scenery around it. Paul suggested that we fly home from California, and since we’d both heard that LA wasn’t a particulary nice place for tourists, we chose to fly home from San Francisco.

We had a quick look at the map before pressing the ‘proceed to payment’ button and saw that we’d be able to cover Moab, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and either Yellowstone or Yosemite National Park between SLC and San Fran and as quickly as that, we pretty much had our whole trip mapped out in front of us. Planning complete.

In the face of a completely mapped out trip, there will still be a few challenges. I will have to figure out the weird and mysterious world of car hires for one since public transport is almost non-existent for the off-the-beaten track must-see-if-you’re-in-the-area places. (I might also have to figure out how to use a car again.  It’s been a while) 

Finding affordable accomodation in New York was also a challenge. We went from looking at not-so-cheap, rat infested, bed bug ridden (if the reviews are to be believed) hostels to booking a room at the Hilton in the Financial District because with a bit of luck and a cracking cheap deal it only cost £8 more (each) per night than the aforementioned hostels. And it has a swimming pool. It’s also quite near here*.

I’m even almost looking forward to seeing Salt Lake City, if only to gain an insight into what people really think when they respond with an incredulous “Why?” after I mention I’m going there. That and the blog I found which labels it as the ‘weirdo capital of the world’ almost gives it some kind of mysterious appeal for me.

Still, with only 2 weeks to go, I feel a little unprepared, but for once excited at the prospect of exploring a little more of the world.

Did I mention I was going to see Flight of the Conchords live at Radio City Music Hall?

*Flight of the Conchords reference.


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